Guided Tours in English

Tuesday, 22.08.2023, 7 pm & Thursday, 31.08.2023, 7 pm

Who or what do we not see? Whose voices are heard and whose are not? Who is excluded from the European art market? Can art have a socio-political function?… In this guided tour in English, you will not only learn about the artworks on display in the exhibition, but also about the guides‘ perspectives on it. Discussions and questions are welcome!

When?: Tuesday, 22. August, 7 pm (with Janina Santamarina, artist) & Thursday, 31. August, 7 pm (with Nora Niefanger, art historian)
Where?: 2nd floor at Jupiter (Mönckebergstr. 2-4, 20095 Hamburg)
Price?: No fixed fee, donations welcome

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Guided Tour in Arabic

جولة إرشادية باللغة العربية الثلاثاء ، 29.08.2023 ، 6 مساء بدون رسوم ثابتة ، تبرع بما تريد. من أو ماذا

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